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Hello and thank you so very much for visiting ∆umni
∆umni ∆pparel was created to inspire a movement towards a more aware aesthetic where we support Mother Earth through conscious lifestyle choices and community education.  

Through this brand my passion has become my purpose.  ∆umni represents a beautiful collaboration of Kundalini Yoga, clothing design and eco-conscious living… as seen through my eyes.  

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle and been a woman of “many hats”.  I’ve worked in countless fields including cirque entertainment, fashion design, art direction and yoga instruction.  The words “stop” or “slow down” really only came into play when navigating the concrete jungle of Los ∆ngeles.

In 2002 I moved to California from New Orleans and began exploring the world of yoga.  It was through a group of amazing women (who have since become my sisters) that I discovered the technology of Kundalini Yoga. It was through the transformational experience of Kundalini that my heart cracked wide open and my gifts as an artist, designer and teacher began to shine through. Kundalini literally changed my life.

When I started practicing Kundalini, I was taught that there are endless possibilities waiting to be discovered wiithin; you just have to slow down and listen. Yoga for me was more about the spiritual connection to my higher self, than about how deep I could fold into a posture. Being able to connect with that part of myself helped open up this new pathway, which allowed me to tap into my creative passions. Through yoga, I was inspired to bridge my connection with movement to my connection with spirituality and design.

As my heart opened through yoga, the world started opening through me.  I began exploring different opportunities, including one to work intensively in the world of cirque entertainment.  Both performer and designer, I was often presented with the challenge to make clothing that was aesthetically beautiful, yet functional and tailored to each act. And no matter how taxing on my physical, mental, or emotional well-being these projects were, I wouldn't change a thing! Each experience inspired me to grow as an artist, a teacher, and an entrepreneur.  

When I decided to go into business for myself, it felt only natural to follow my passion into a Kundalini Yoga inspired, clothing company.  But I knew I couldn’t just produce another pretty clothing line. If this is what I was being called to do I needed to DO MORE. I needed to bring awareness to the “how, who, and where” of clothing.  It became my mission to educate people on where their clothing actually comes from. It’s kinda like how we started caring more about our food. We want to know where our food comes from, who plants it, harvests it and who’s selling it.  Why not turn that same consciousness towards the clothing that we wear?

I aim to design eco-conscious clothing that allows the wearer to feel uninhibited in their movements. Our lives move fast and sometimes there’s no time for planning. We live in an era of "the constant hustle" where we’re always seeking that extra 10 minutes of serenity.  So, if I can provide you with an outfit that will allow you to go straight to dinner from the office, without a wardrobe change… then I'm doing my job right.

As a woman of “many hats”, I know all too well how important versatility is. Wearing clothing that allows for a quick comfortable transition throughout your day, buys time.  And that little extra time gives you more room to connect with the most important part of your day… yourself.

I find so much value in helping people create better lives for themselves. As a society, we have the ability to make the changes needed to make our world to be a better place.  And maybe it’s because I am about to become a mother, but I feel that our planet is asking us to pay attention.. more now than EVER.. We have the power to do our part by making conscious choices on how we spend our money. It really is more about quality than quantity. This is what inspired me to start this business because it’s the only way I know how to do my part to save this beautiful planet for future generations to come.

My vision for ∆umni is much larger than a simple clothing line. I visualize this being a platform for creating a spiritual movement.  I want ∆umni to inspire you to create change in your own life by embracing personal transformation. May this modality be used as an instrument to love, educate and support our community.  This journey is yours as much as it is mine, and I’m joyful to have your company.

Let’s make a change together… one thread at a time.
For Prayer… For Work… For Play…
For You.
Heather Turner
Founder and Designer of ∆umni ∆pparel


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