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The Month of Love

The Month of Love
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February can be an off-setting month at times. While some are plugging away, crushing resolutions and attaining early annual goals, others are trying to figure out where the shoe they lost on New Years Eve is. Know that it’s perfectly okay if you’re one of those who hasn’t quite settled into the new year yet. Sometimes things don’t quite go as we plan, and with work, family and friends, who really has time to attend to personal objectives anyway? Right?


Luckily the month of February also brings the holiday of love. Valentine’s Day reminds us not only to show love and kindness to those we hold dear, but to ourselves as well. Self-Love is one of the most important factors to our growth in this world. And while it is often easier said than done, it is the key to opening so many beautiful experiences. So, this month, let Aumni help to love you up and love you down, as we remind you of some of the amazing ways that you can love yourself!

An important part of self-love is reconnecting to Source. You were brought into this world as a perfect source of pure energy and light. Somewhere along the way, be it nay-sayers, societal conditioning or plain old self-doubt, that light began to dim. It is imperative to have a relationship with the original glow from which you came, so that you always have a “home” that reminds you of your mighty power and worth.

Some may find this “home” or connection in their yoga practice or in meditation. The act of stilling your mind and allowing yourself to be in the moment is a potent act of Self-Love. Try meditating once a day, if even for five minutes, and allow yourself to feel the affection of the universe flow through you.

Others reconnect most easily when grounded into nature. Though the ideal is to kick off your shoes and sink those toes into mother earth, remember that you can also find the same magic of nature in the urban jungle that surrounds you. Sometimes a simple walk around your neighborhood can remind you of just how amazing and important your life is. Be it found in a gentle breeze or the bird that sings, you are an integral part of a very large plan.

Life happens, that’s just a fact!
It comes with ups and downs, success and failure. As humans we are going to make mistakes and fall down over and over again. We won’t always be at our best, but we can always work towards being better.

Forgiveness is such an important part of life.
As we grow through this world and make mistakes of our own, we learn of both the power and comfort found in forgiveness. It’s one of the lessons we’re taught as children. However, how many of us are taught to forgive our own selves?

Consequently, we often privately entangle in a cycle of negative self-talk, bullying ourselves until we believe the lies in our head. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made before you began your journey and accept that this is your path and only you can walk it. Every moment that passes is an opportunity heal your past wounds and love the being you’ve become. You deserve every bit of compassion that you give to others. 

Take a moment to feel that and know that it’s true.


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There has never been another you and there never will be.
That is a magical and powerful statement!

Our world is divinely planned and there is a reason you are here in this body, on this planet, at this time. So why is it so hard to Believe that we are capable of achieving great things? Many of us spend our days supporting family, friends and sometimes complete strangers in their life paths. We tell children they have the capability to do anything and be anything they want in this world. Yet, we have a hard time convincing ourselves of the same.

Know this, you are never too old, too young, too weak, too broke, too boring or too simple to begin working towards the things you want out of this life. It may be true that you don’t yet have the tools to accomplish your current goal, but by simply reaching out (to friends, family, the internet, professionals) you can take the first steps.

Here’s a lil fun fact for you. Aumni was created by our founder, while in her late 30’s and pregnant with her first child. Do you think others thought “What’s she doing? This isn’t a good time! Maybe she should wait.” Of course they did! But she proved them wrong by simply believing in herself. And while we find ourselves in our first year, learning this business and all of the ups and downs that come with it, we’re doing it! Know that you can too! But first you must believe that it is possible.

We hope that this month finds you more in love with yourself than you’ve ever been!

Take time today to reconnect, show some forgiveness and believe in your dreams!

Just remember the almighty words of Ru Paul:

“If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else?!
Can I get an Amen?”

Hello You!

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